Algorithmic Responsibility in HR and Recruiting


In this session, NYU SPS Instructor and TapRecruit Research Scientist, Maryam Jahanshahi, helps us understand the role of big data algorithms in recruiting. Every day, we encounter hundreds of algorithms that predict our preferences, viewpoints and behaviors. In a world where computing power and data are both cheap and plentiful, predictive algorithms have the ability to automate significant tranches of decision-making. The scale of these decisions is without parallel. Nowhere is the harm more obvious than in the field of HR. From targeted job recommendations on social networks to algorithmic ‘matching’ of candidates, algorithms have the ability to severely restrict career opportunities and further harm historically marginalized communities. How do we build and use algorithmic tools responsibly in HR? In this talk, Maryam introduces the idea of the ‘bias stack’ and how it applies to both data and algorithms. Using real examples of recruiting studies, she highlights key considerations for HR-based algorithms.

New York, NY