TDP Workshop: Data Science your Job Search

Skills assessment

  • Metric definition
  • Building dashboards
  • Descriptive statistics & forecasting
  • Experiment design & analysis
  • Data modeling
  • Statistical modeling & inference
  • Machine learning
  • Algorithmic optimization
  • Data engineering

Other skills assessment frameworks

Flavors of Data Analyst and Data Scientist Roles

Conventional roles

Categorization Job Titles
Business-focussed Data Analyst, Business Analyst, BI Analyst, Product Analyst
Modeling-focussed Data Scientist, Quantitative Analyst, Product Data Scientist, Research Scientist
Production-focussed Data Engineer, ML Engineer, Software Engineer, Infrastructure Engineer, Data Platform Developer, BI Developer

Data roles by functional areas

Categorization Job Titles
Reporting Reporting Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Growth Analyst, Operations Research Analyst
Finance Finance Analyst, Revenue Analyst
Sales Sales Analyst, Sales Operations Analyst, Sales Engineer
Marketing Advertising Analyst, Web Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Marketing Operations Analyst
Human Resouces HR Analyst, People Analyst, Workforce Analyst
Operations Operations Analyst, Logistics Analyst, Supply Chain Analyst

Further reading on distinctions between different roles

  • Robert Chang on how data science changes as startup companies scale.
  • Michael Hochster on Type A vs Type B Data Scientists
  • Mikhail Popov on the distinction between Data Analyst and Data Scientists
  • Nicholas Chamandy on how the company has rebranded Data Analysts as Data Scientists, and Data Scientists as Research Scientists.

Some fun and games about data science titles

Data-focussed Meetups in New York

General Affinity Group Focussed
Context NYC Machine Learning, Data Visualization Meetup, Data Storytelling NYC Tech Ladies, WomenWhoCode NYC, Write/Speak/Code NYC, Women in Machine Learning and Data Science NYC, Women in Software Engineering NYC
Platform Specific NY R Meetup Group, New York Python, Looker NYC NY R Ladies, NY PyLadies

Industry Focussed:

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